Natural shampoo bar – Arappu powder – 100 g

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100% Natural, handcrafted soap. For natural hair care & nourishment; No artificial colour; No artificial fragrance; No synthetic ingredients; Palm-oil free; Cruelty-free ; Vegan ; Eco-friendly

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Cold pressed coconut oil, castor oil, Iluppai oil, Kokum butter, peanut oil, soy wax, neem oil, Arappu Powder, lye, rice milk, water, Chempaka Essential oil, Tea Tree Essential oil, Fuller’s Earth


Arappu nourishes hair | Keeps hair healthy, shiny and conditioned | No parabens, silicones, sulphates | Handmade in small batches | Crafted with the slow cold process method | No artificial hardening agent | No artificial fragrance

*Best before 6 months from packaging

Weight .100 g


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