Our Story

We believe in small changes

Hi Folks! I am Thendral from Tamil Nadu! Mom of two girls, I had been a working mom juggling corporate career and family happily till a year back.

For a decade now, my family has been practicing zero waste lifestyle – to start with – for obvious health reasons. We prepared our essentials with locally procured raw materials, reduced consumption of packaged food items with preservatives and cut back on chemical filled personal care items. Once we had our daughter, this only made more sense!

The transformation has been a slow one with small switches a time in consumption pattern. Overall, this gave us a wholesome lifestyle experience! This also made us realize, to cut down toxins and waste in life, we always need to go an extra mile since good alternatives aren’t readily available at the stretch of hand. So this past year, we started working on this social venture to try make sustainable living easy!

Kamarkattu Ecostore has been started off with a vision to make zero-waste zero-tox life possible in this super fast city life. While sustainability is a much-discussed “thing” today, we are forced to be a part of this plastic/ chemical pollution with our daily use products mass produced with chemicals and preservatives coming in plastic packaging which will lie in Earth for centuries to come. We are trying to find a solution in our own small way to make sustainable living easy!

We have homemade, natural day-to-day essentials ready to be delivered at your door step.

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