Natural Dish wash soap – 100 g bar – Pack of 2

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Handmade, Natural de-greasing and cleaning bar; saponified with cold pressed oils; kind to hands and dishes

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Cold pressed coconut oil, Blended lemons, Charcoal, Lye, soap nuts, coffee, soy wax


This dish wash soap is made with 100% natural cleanser and disinfectants. The mundane chore of dishwashing can be fun with these sturdy bubbly bars! Kind to hands, kind to dishes and kind to Mother Earth – these are not very kind to grease and bacteria! Wash utensils, kitchen sink, stove and what not with this natural bar. No artificial fragrance. No chemical residue in washed water and dishes.


Gently dab the block with the scrubber for every dish and wash With the magical natural blend, the dishes will be clean in no time!

* Best before 6 months from packaging

Weight .200 g

3 reviews for Natural Dish wash soap – 100 g bar – Pack of 2

  1. Jasmine

    The product is amazing. I was using vim liquid before, when I changed to kamarkattu dish wash soap, I could distinctly sort out the differences. Kamarkattu dish was soap cleans the dirt in a jiffy without much strain, even oily vessels can be cleaned very fast and easily. Safe for hands and also safe for the environment. Why to go for chemical filled cleaning products when we can get a natural product which serves the purpose in much better way. Thanks to kamarkattu ecostore. Keet it going…

    • tamizhachi87

      Dear Ms Jasmine, thanks for the feedback. Happy washing without worrying about chemical residue 🙂

  2. Geetha

    I would suggest this product to be a must go for all the ladies and gents who think that dish washing is a boring job as I had instantly fell in love with this soap as it made my mundane job to a joyous one.It not only removes the greases from pan but also pampers your skin without doing any damage.Thanks Kamarkattu for such a wonderful product

  3. Manasa JAGIRI

    Tried this but it does not get rid of grease and oil easily. It can be used to clean utensils like cups or anything that doesn’t have oil.

    • tamizhachi87

      Dear Manasa
      Thanks for your feedback. Noted. In the past, We had increased oil-cleansing ingredients after similar feedback and found it improved. We will work on it further and get it touch with you.

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