Herbal hair wash powder – 250 g

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Shikakai along with 10 other herbs are picked and blended to make this refreshing hair wash ; Perfect for babies also ; Heals damaged scalp.


Shikakai, Rose, Avaram poo, Hibiscus, Karboga Rice, Amla, Shenbaga flower, Poolan Kizhangu, Korai Kizhangu, Jataamasi, Mimusops elengi flower


Blend of 11 unique hair loving herbs & flowers | Cleans & heals hair and scalp | 100 % natural | No chemicals / preservatives | No artificial colour / fragrance | Handmade in hygienic environment | Toxic free


Take few tspns of the powder (as required) in a bowl with water making it a paste (rice kanji can be used instead of water to condition your hair better) Wet the scalp, Gently massage with this paste and rinse off

*Best before 6 months from packaging

Weight .25 g

1 review for Herbal hair wash powder – 250 g

  1. Vijay

    Product is good.. And difficulty is mixing with rice ganji is getting good results but time taking for preparation of ganji.. Suggestions is mix with water and get results is recommended.

    • tamizhachi87

      Mr Vijay
      Thank you for your feedback. Yes true, making rice kanji is a difficult process in itself. However, if we cook rice in boiling method,we could get the kanji as a by product 🙂 mixing powder with water is also fine as long as you like it!

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