Handmade bath soap – Neem Aloe vera – 120 g bar

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100% Natural, handmade soap; Saponified cold pressed oils blended with neem leaves and aloe vera

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Cold pressed coconut oil, sesame oil, Peanut oil, castor oil, Mahua oil, soy wax, Neem leaves, Aloevera, Water, Lye, Essential oils of Geranium & Lemongrass, Bentonite Clay


Neem and aloe vera are nature’s fantastic gifts. Neem is a natural disinfectant and has anti-bacterial properties. Aloe vera is a great mosturizer and does wonders to our skin. These two natural wonders combined with saponified cold pressed oils will soothe and nourish our skin protecting it from infections. Crafted with the slow cold process method, these soaps have no artificial hardening agent, no preservatives and no artificial fragrance.

* Best before 12 months from packaging

Weight .07 g

4 reviews for Handmade bath soap – Neem Aloe vera – 120 g bar

  1. Vijay

    Very good product…..

  2. Jasmine

    Love this soap. It gives nice lather and feel fresh after using it. Leaves the skin moisturized, feel like using a gel bar but free from chemicals.. love it, thanks to kamarkattu ecostore..

  3. Anuja

    Amazing soap.
    Leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Best part it is 100% chemical free product.
    Thanks a lot kamarkattu …

  4. Veena

    Nice product.. Its texture is like a scrubber… Can feel the goodness for the skin.. Thanks to kamarkattu for such a natural product

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