Dish wash powder – 250 g

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Natural de-greasing and cleaning powder; kind to hands and dishes; no fear of chemical residues on your washed dishes

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Soap berries, Shikakai, Ash powder, Citrus peels


This dish wash powder is made with 100% natural cleanser and disinfectants. No artificial fragrance

* There is a chance of consuming residue left from dish wash powders in dishes if not washed thoroughly – Since our powder is 100% natural ; no need to worry even if that happens!

* And you leave no toxic residue on mother earth. The water from wash can be let into soil/ pots without doing damage. You will save a lot of water by doing this! This will be your step towards living a toxic free waste free life.


1. Take 2 teaspoons of dish wash powder in a small plate/ bowl

2. Use a pinch of powder in the scrubber for every dish

3. With the citrus peels in the powder your dish will be clean in no time!

* Best before 6 months from packaging

Weight .25 g

1 review for Dish wash powder – 250 g

  1. Vijay

    Good product strongly recommended.. Washing of dishes with natural products and getting good results without the chemicals admixtures…

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